Important Announcement – Mallorca Tutoring Academy formerly Kip McGrath Mallorca.

Spanish below.

Happy New Year friends and clients

We have some very exciting & important news!

As many of you know our journey started in 2009 when Jay and I first took the initial steps to open our education centre. Since then many things have changed and our business has grown into what you know it to be today. We have learnt a huge amount from those early days and Kip McGrath, however, as you would expect, we have developed a diverse client base which has meant that our service has expanded somewhat differently from the Kip McGrath model.

We are delighted that we have been able to accommodate so many of the island’s students and look forward to continuing this support throughout 2015 and beyond. In order to continue to make a difference to our existing clients and any potential new students we have taken the decision to open as an independent tutoring academy. Our lessons will continue as normal, however from today 5th January 2015 our company name will be changed to Mallorca Tutoring Academy, to be known as MTA.

This means that you will continue to receive the excellent service you have been used to. Our vision remains the same, making a difference to each and everyone of our students. We will continue to work closely with our clients utilising our highly regarded academic excellence and experience , and to further our contribution by delivering new and improved services to the community in which we operate.

We feel it is important for us to let you know more about how we can continue to support students’ on the island and therefore we will be running anopen day on Saturday January 17th. You will be able to discuss your future requirements with members of our staff, we will also have other educational institutions available on hand to discuss on going educational programmes available on the island.

 For your information 

 Our email address will change to

 We have a new web page

Our telephone numbers remain the same 971 791 410 or 660 976 322

We wish you and your families a fantastic 2015 and look forward to continuing to welcome you throughout the year. 

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Feliz año nuevo amigos y clientes

Tenemos una notica importante y muy emocionante!

Como muchos de ustedes saben nuestro viaje comenzó en 2009, cuando Jay y yo empezamos con los pasos iniciales para abrir nuestro centro educativo. Desde entonces, muchas cosas han cambiado y nuestro negocio ha crecido hasta convertirse en lo que es hoy. Hemos aprendido mucho desde aquellos primeros días y Kip McGrath, sin embargo, como era de esperar, nos permitió desarrollar una base de clientes diversa y nuestro servicio se ha expandido de manera diferente del modelo Kip McGrath.

Estamos encantados de que hemos sido capaces de dar apoyo y ayuda a muchos estudiantes de la isla y esperamos continuar con este apoyo durante todo el año 2015 y más allá. Con el fin de continuar marcando la diferencia para nuestros clientes actuales y nuevos alumnos potenciales hemos tomado la decisión de abrir una academia de tutoría independiente. Nuestras clases continuarán con normalidad, sin embargo a partir de hoy 05 de enero 2015 nuestro nombre será cambiado a Mallorca Tutoring Academy, será conocido como MTA.

Esto significa que usted seguirá recibiendo el excelente servicio al que ha estado acostumbrado. Nuestra visión sigue siendo la misma, queremos marcar la diferencia para todos y cada uno de nuestros estudiantes. Vamos a seguir trabajando en estrecha colaboración con nuestros clientes utilizando nuestra excelencia académica de gran prestigio y experiencia  para mejorar nuestra contribución al ofrecer nuevos y mejores servicios a la comunidad en la que operamos.

Creemos que es importante para nosotros dejaros saber más acerca de cómo podemos seguir apoyando a los estudiantes de la isla y por lo tanto vamos a estar ejecutando una jornada de puertas abiertas el sábado 17 de enero. Podrán tener más información y charlar con nuestro personal de sus necesidades, también abran otras instituciones educativas disponibles para explicar otros programas educativos disponibles en la isla.

Our email address will change to

We have a new web page

Les deseamos a Ud. y su familia un fantástico 2015 y esperamos continuar dándole la bienvenida durante todo el año.

Competition News

Our Christmas and New Year competition is hotting up!

We have had some amazing entries. Closing date is 19th December.

Come on photographers and artists of Mallorca give us some more images of our island to add to our 2015 calendar.


December is here

Happy Christmas to our friends at Kip McGrath in Musselburgh. Our Christmas cards are being sent by Santa post today. We hope you enjoy them.



December is here!

DSCF0019DSCF0018DSCF0017DSCF0015la isla christmas carol

December is here and the centre is ready for Christmas in Mallorca

Thank you from Billy – A very happy SAT student.


Billy worked with us for 4 months towards his SAT examination. He had previously attempted the examination and was very disappointed with his results. Billy took time out to attend the academy daily. He showed a huge commitment to work with every element of the examination. It all paid off, his results were strong and exactly what he required to take the next step in his educational life. 

Well done Billy. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are delighted to have been part of your success. 

Testimonial SAT student 26/11/14 

Thanks to the help from Martyn and everyone at Kip McGrath I achieved what seemed to be an impossible result on my SAT. We started with the basics, then began to specifically identify what I was struggling with, targeting my weaknesses head on. Throughout my studying Martyn and everyone at Kip McGrath helped me to improve my SAT skills and individual learning. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me, I couldn’t have done this without them.

Sent from Billy Gray.

Gracias a la ayuda de Martyn y todo el equipo a Kip McGrath, un resultado en mis exámenes de SAT, que al principio parecía imposible, conseguí! Empezamos con lo básico, luego empezamos a identificar las áreas más complicadas para mí, centrándonos en mis debilidades directamente. Durante todo mi periodo de estudios, Martyn y el equipo de Kip McGrath me ayudaron a mejorar mis habilidades y aprendizaje individual para los SAT. No puedo agradecérselos lo suficiente, sin ellos no lo habría logrado.

Bilingualism: The Best Workout for your Brain

Now this is not me saying it, although of course at Kip McGrath Palma we fully believe it… I have just read a really interesting article in El Pais in English.

Click on this link to read more

I have taken just 3 paragraphs from the article which talks about the fantastic effects upon the brain when it works with more than one language. It also talks about how younger children learn best and that the adaptability of a young mind is perfect for learning another language.

The effects on the brain of being able to speak two languages fluently have been the subject of continual and intense analysis within a range of disciplines over recent years. Some research suggests that speaking two languages helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s or senile dementia.

A bilingual brain works like a traffic light. When it needs to choose, say, a Spanish word, it gives the green light for that language to move forward, and uses a red light to halt the term in English. This natural selection process, carried out hundreds of times every day, gives the brain a continual workout.

Patricia K. Kuhl and Andrew N. Meltzoff of the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences say the earlier we start to learn a new language the better. “The brain of a child up to the age of seven adapts easily to any innovation. During this time, he or she will notice, for example, if his or her grandmother speaks a third language and pick it up naturally,” says Meltzoff. “If you take you kids on holiday to another country, it is likely they will return knowing several words related to soccer after playing a game with other kids, while you will have learned nothing by spending time with their parents,” he says.


 Our English Second Language programme is designed to encourage young learners to develop their skills through all many activities; speaking, playing games, reading, listening and other multi sensory learning techniques.

Christmas Carol

la isla christmas carol

Numeracy in November

OOH This is a tough one today!! HaHa

No 5

Who Comes to Kip – TOEFL students.

TOEFL news… Our latest student achieved 106 points in his TOEFL examination. Well done Vincent a fantastic score.
Do not forget we are here for all your SAT and TOEFL needs.

Kip McGrath Education Centre Mallorca

Firstly and most importantly we should start this article by congratulating our most recent successful TOEFL student. Charles, well done. Charles has recently sat and passed this examination.

As you can see Charles is still studying hard as he has his SAT examination coming up very soon. Good luck for that one.



So what is TOEFL?

The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected English language test in the world, recognised by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States.

TOEFL is required by most US and Canadian universities to prove proficiency (especially international students coming from countries where English is not a native language).

It measures your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks in English.

Many universities in Europe and other countries also accept TOEFL (IELTS is also popular outside USA)…

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Numeracy in November



Fun maths for blog


Just saw this on facebook. Couldn’t help but capture it on our blog. It says everything we support.